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Waffle Maker Reviews HQ

Waffle Maker Reviews HQ

Waffles and waffle makers (sometimes called waffle irons) are staples in our kitchen. They are also part of the everyday American breakfast. Well, at least many of us remember either the great pancakes or waffles that mom used to make when we were kids.

Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle Omelet Maker Brushed Stainless Steel Waffle Maker Reviews HQ

Waring Waffle Maker

Since I want my kids to continue in the tradition of good food and great waffles, I have purchased a pretty good number of waffle irons through the years. Some of them are pretty much okay, the others are great, while a few are terrible. I can even name a few lemons if you ask me.

My neighbors call me the waffle mom, since I usually come up with zany waffle recipes. I even bring some of my inspirational creations for a neighborhood potluck. Well, here’s a little secret – none of my so-called original Belgianwaffle recipes are really original. I just pick things up from different recipe books – some of them have come from the booklets that come with the wafflers which I have bought.

Allow Me to Go WaffleGeek

Waffle makers have gone beyond the original thing that they used to be. I remember back in the day when my mom used to make them using the old waffle irons. The iron things where the batter is poured are attached to a pair of tongs. Once enclosed, the tongs are held over a fire and the waffles get cooked. Hence we also call them waffle irons due to the old iron tongs that we used to make waffles with.

I know, we’ve gone beyond all that and our modern-day Belgian waffle irons are far more sophisticated. Nowadays the idea still remains the same – pretty much. You still have a pair of irons on these countertop appliances and they have all the old grooves that make that fancy pattern on the waffles no matter what waffle recipe that we choose.

Types of Waffle Irons

The big difference of course is that they are electric powered, they cook things faster than before, and they have a host of other features that make them really convenient to have in the kitchen. Nowadays, there are different types of wafflers sold in stores. And from experience, I tell you that not all of them perform as described by the manufacturer.

There are models that produce waffle cones; others are designed to make what are known in other waffle maker recipes as pizzelles. There are classic waffle makers that make the usual sized waffles and there are also Belgian waffle makers (the ones that obviously make Belgian waffles) and American waffle makers (the ones that make them in the traditional shape and flavor that we all love).

Dynamic Uses

I know that you’ll come across multi-purpose waffle irons eventually. Some models or brands, like some Waring waffle makers, can be used to make other goodies other than good old waffles. Some can be used as a sandwich toaster while others can be used to make Brown Bobbies.

So, Which One Do I Buy?

That’s the biggest question in people’s minds – which is the best waffle maker. Well, if you want to know what I think about the many different brands and models of wafflers out there, I would like to invite you to peruse my collection of waffle maker reviews. Some of them I have written myself while others are critiques by other waffle lovers that I know.

I hope you like the stuff that you will learn from my site. May you find the greatest waffle maker for your needs.